Working in the Virtual World in Real Estate

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"Oh, the times they are a-changin'"  Become a market insider for your home now or your future neighborhood

No truer words have been spoken. We are all together in this brave new world of distancing. As we walked through the past few months a pivot to working with families to connect in the virtual world. Having the power of Coldwell Banker behind me insures providing exceptional real estate services. Outstanding service is always my top priority. We have included the health and safety of my clients, family, friends, and our community as a whole to include services we provide. Part of the power of Coldwell Banker is a very strong digital platform in place, so being ready for the "pivot" means we are well equipped to serve clients virtually during these challenging times. Below are a few of the items we can work for:

New Listings- Our exclusive marketing program enables me to reach potential buyers quickly to get the news out when a new property hits the market, ranging from a property tour video and dedicated property website to online advertising, customized email distribution, social media posts, mailed property announcements, and a digital area Realtor notification. 

Property Showings- I can show properties virtually using video or apps while showcasing a homes unique features or offering in-person showings as of 4/26/2020. All in-person showings require a face mask for all participants.  

Your Homes Value- We can go over your home evaluation with secure screen sharing to give you the full information on your neighborhood market. Distancing does not mean not receiving the full information on your property. 

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Market Updates- If you want to learn more about how your neighborhood is doing in the current real estate market. Market Reports can be received as often as you are wanting an update looking at the information you are watching. A Sold Home Alert or Open House list. We can electronically keep you up to date.

Mortgage- Changes have made knowing who you are working with is very important. How lenders must verify your current employment status happens on the day of closing now. Something that might be difficult in the current situation. We also have a suite of digital tools that allow buyers to apply and sign documents with the efficiency of secure online applications.

Together we are facing challenges that have made everyone pivot more online as we look eagerly at what the world has in store for us. Having the ability to work together, meeting the needs of new situations can make us Stronger Together!

Contact me today if you have any questions or would like to discuss selling or purchasing a property. 


Be well 

Home. It's never been more important. Please stay home and stay healty