The Ultimate Workout Partners: Your Kids

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Within our current Stay-At-Home Order situation, we are looking at spending an indefinite amount of time at home with our families. In my home we have created separate working spaces, both my husband and I are considered “essential businesses”. As lucky as that is, we feel grateful to be able to continue to work, carving out how that will look daily, hourly even moment to moment is something that takes getting used to. Walking down from upstairs singing loudly will interrupt the active meeting going on in my dining room. We had to find a balance between our work life and living our best life. Below are a few things we did to make this work for everyone.

The first chore was creating a workspace. We now have 3 (my husband and I and our teen) have areas where we must respectfully approach these areas with consideration during normal work hours. We include “Do Not Disturb” time so we are not distracted from our deadlines.

Stick you a normal schedule! Because I work from home more than the others, my schedule works for us. Although we start at different times, lunch together is something we don’t have in a normal day. It feels great to make that connection mid-day. We seem to be able to plan dinners at home more often. Make sure you are ready for your day. Getting dressed to have your meetings, looking professional makes you feel professional. Take a little more time to do the things you enjoy. You don’t have travel time in your day. Enjoy some sunshine or time with your kiddo’s.

Stay Connected to everyone you usually interact with. This might be a good time to add people to your list if you had thoughts of expanding your base. Give everyone a call and set up online meetings using platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Webex or Zoom, Facebook or Hangouts can make a simple conversation memorable for someone who is isolated.

Get some fresh air! Stand up, walk around GO OUTSIDE. Take a moment to clear out work and focus on you. It is easy to sit down and not move until you CAN NOT MOVE. Break up the monotony with time blocks. Yes, work needs to be completed but spend some time within your life as well. The opportunity to walk the dog, plant flowers or spend time together with your kids. Who better to become your workout partner than your kids?

The Ultimate Workout Partners: Your Kids
Some exercises to try with your baby or toddler:

First, warm-up. Pick up baby, holding her securely, and march for five minutes.
Next, sit in a straight-backed chair with the towel rolled under your knees.
i. Set your baby or toddler on your ankles, holding the little one's hands.
ii. Keep your back straight, shoulders down and abdominal muscles tight.
iii. Straighten your legs to the count of a slow five until they are parallel to the floor.
iv. Hold for two beats, then bring your feet back to the floor to the count of five.

Lay on your back, leaning your sitting baby against your bent knees. Holding the baby firmly with one hand, perform crunches while playing "peek-a-boo" with your child. Keep abdominals tight and crunch upward eight times.
Position baby face-up on the floor. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on either side of the baby's face. From knees or toes, perform pushups slowly and deliberately, kissing baby with each rep.
Exercise will:
a. Ease your stress to help you be patient with your kids
b. Increase your energy level so you can keep up with them
c. Let you spend time having fun together
d. Incorporate fitness into their lives at an early age, when habits are most likely to stick for life.
Moving through a Pandemic and coming out the other side will happen. Hopefully, for you and your family, it will be safe and with everyone intact. Here is wishing you the best life forward!

PS: Real estate is still in action if you are interested in finding out how we are working with people (at social distancing space) with safety measures in place. Give me a call. Working in Lakewood Co & Golden Co is my pleasure and my neighborhoods. How can I help you catering your housing needs to your lifestyle?