Seasonal Calendar for Home Maintaince

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Everyone thinking of making a home change debates the idea of staging. Staging done correctly can cost a small amount of money if you are using your quality condition furnishings. With a master’s eye, we depersonalize the spaces that are of most value, kitchens, primary bedrooms, family rooms, high use rooms in your home. The feeling changes make once you look through the buyer’s lens and see your home in a different light. Staging can lead up to a 5-10% increase in offer price to your home by creating the feeling of how the new buyer will live in their new place.

Once the furniture is moved and rooms are depersonalized the “bones” of your home become more apparent. You can view more floor areas, more wall spaces, and with that can make your home feel more lived in. This is the time to discuss any updating or cleaning that might be needed. Updating can be simple and inexpensive. A fresh coat of paint can be the least expensive clean-up you can complete. Painting makes everything look fresh and clean in all the nook & crannies of the walls and/or ceilings. Easy changes like updated towel holders and faucets are minimal expense with a WOW factor that can sell a home. Kitchen cabinets are always in discussion. Restoration cleaning might give you the edge where buyers can see living in the kitchen without needing to immediately update. All this is overwhelming unless you are handy with construction tools. One of the tools in my toolbelt is a fantastic program where these small issues can be taken care of with our Revitalize program. You approve the updates with qualified contractors and have the cost delayed until after you sell. Of course, the program has some limitations, so it is not too good to be true situation. Ask me about Revitalize. Like staging it can add value to your home sale without costing you all your equity.

Better yet as you live in your home spread out the care of keeping up with maintenance and updating with a Seasonal Home Maintenance Calendar. Of course, add the larger projects in when needed but keeping up maintenance while living in your home makes it more comfortable. Enjoy every season knowing your home is maintained.

List of home maintaince tasks by season