February Home Maintenance For A Quick Sale

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February can feel like the off month of the year--you've been through a few months of winter, but spring still feels a little ways off. Need something to do? How about ticking these tasks off your home maintenance checklist to keep your home clean, organized, and warm. These simple items can make the sales process flow easier. Not all homes are in need of everything on this list. Give me a call for ideas that work for preparing your home for sale. Then you can just hunker down and wait for warmer weather.


Your February Checklist Of Home Maintenance Tasks 

Caulking and grout around sinks, showers, and tubs; repair as needed

Regularly check roof and gutters for ice dams and icicles

Clean and vacuum curtains, window blinds, and ceiling fans

HVAC system: vacuum and dust or chat with your Realtor if a Furnace Certification can help with the sales inspection process

Clean garbage disposal: Run with crushed ice to sharpen, then with baking soda and citrus peels

Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors; replace batteries as needed

Plumbing: Check for leaks on supply lines to sinks and toilets. A sewer cleaning is also a preventive measure for the sale inspection process

Repair any interior wall damage; touch up paint as needed or paint an accent wall

Electrical: Test and reset all ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles; check all extension cords for wear and tear

Home Care Tip 

Spruce up your entryway

Clean off the mud and snow, salt, and general dirt build-up. Store winter boots and gear leaving out only what is needed for the remaining cold weather. Take a few minutes to thoroughly clean the porch, floors and add a little personal touch to dress the area up

Declutter your paperwork

Organize your bills and discard paperwork that has piled up. Set up your home workspace to be a pleasant area where you can tackle those bills and keep your life organized. If you have office space or a corner in the kitchen as your office, tidiness will show better and give more value to the space. Research the tax liability on the sale of your home. A Certified Public Accountant is the best professional to speak with. Don't know any? I can refer a couple to help you prepare.

Recycle e-waste

Collect your old cell phones, printer cartridges, and batteries and head to a recycling center or store that will take this stuff off your hands. Some stores offer discounts on print cartridge purchases when you recycle the old ones with them. Look for April Earth Day celebrations to recycle electrical waste. Donate old clothes, shoes or housewares to churches or non-profit organizations. Some will pick up at your home on a designated day.

Make something for the people you love

Custom-made Valentine’s, baked goods, handmade gifts, and homemade dinners are always welcomed by family, friends, and partners. Treat yourself to some chocolate and flowers while you’re at it! Or celebrate the beginning of the Early Spring Home Selling Season! YEAH, call me for a free in-home assessment of staging, marketing & value.

Book your summer rental

Make your warm-weather plans now and put a deposit down to reserve your spot. You’ll be glad you booked that charming cottage or BnB now before the prime locations are all gone. After all this treat yourself to your favorite relaxation activity before the fun begins!